Ciao di nuovo!

I just can't believe I am in my very last week in Italia. It's kind of hard to think about sometimes, but at the same time I am so excited to see all of you!!!! I'm just trying to live every moment to the fullest and be prepared to embrace the future with open arms! I am so happy to be here in Genova, Italy, and I will be so happy to be at home too! Espcially right in time for conference! Best welcome home party I could ever think of!! 

Well, let's talk about the week, shall we? Genova is just lovely. I feel like this is the first time in my mission that I've had a never-ending pool of work to do. It's probably a combination of the fact of me having learned how to use my resources and also that Genova is just booming with potential! We had a really fun experience this past Monday night. I don't remember if I told you all the story of when we were out searching for a less active and weren't able to find the address. We started going around asking people on the street how to get there, and finally one lady suggested that we go into a bar to ask for directions there. We went in, and there was a cute lady from Santo Domingo sitting at one of the tables. When she saw that we were lost she offered to help and went outside with us to try and point out the street. She ended up going all around the mulberry bush with us for about half an hour until we finally found the address, only to discover that the family didn't live there anymore. She was so concerned and asked if there was a number we could call or anything- she was so determined to help us! We ended up having a pretty good conversation with her as we walked back to where we had met up before. Before we parted ways she told us that she was so happy to have met us telling us how we were so friendly and cute, etc, and she basically insisted that we come to her house one day to talk more and share our message. She even pointed out where she lived to us! So anyway, we finally were able to get around to seeing her this past Monday. She has the funniest little Italian husband who makes great facial expressions and hand gestures, we got pizza together, talked about the restoration, and she told us to come back on Saturday when her daughter will be there along with her husband. She is set on coming to church on Sunday (when we invited them the husband said "Si, andiamo- tu! or, yes, we'll come, you! indicating his wife) using the excuse that he had to stay home to guard the house. hahaha, oh how I love Italians. As we were leaving she said she would love for us to come back with our parents some day to spend the whole day together to pray! Che brava! 

We were pretty excited this past Sunday because we had about four less active families in church, along with our investigator from Poland who came for the first time! She only stayed for sacrament meeting, but at least she came! This week is really just going super well. We have a lot of appointments lined up and have a super cool activity on Saturday where there's apparantly going to be about 90 non-members there! Wow! Genova's great, basically. As I've started to say to myself, it's like the cherry on top of my mission. What a great way to end- with a bang!

Vi voglio un sacco di bene... un baccione a tutti! 

Sorella Lyman

Pictures from Nervi- the shore of Genova. Me and my MTC comp, sorella Harward, and then sorella McCann!

Gelato and Sorella McCann, Genova!